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Estate Planning and Administration

estate planning and administration
The area of estate planning and administration is an important sector of the Davis Law Firm’s practice. The firm has for many decades provided services in the area of estate planning to effect an orderly and efficient means of transferring wealth from generation to generation while minimizing the impact of gift and estate taxes. Asset protection is often a client concern addressed in estate planning. Firm practice includes the administration of the estates of both incompetent and deceased persons through guardianship and probate proceedings and trust administration. Among the planning techniques used are wills, revocable trusts, business organizations designed for the effective transfer of family wealth (limited partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and others), various types of irrevocable trusts, life insurance, qualified retirement plans, powers of attorney, generation skipping planning, and all forms of conveyances and transfers.
Attorneys practicing in this area:
William Jackson “Jack” Butt II
Representative clients:
The names of particular individual clients are necessarily confidential in this area. The firm implements and administers several dozen estate plans each year where the net value involved is well in excess of $1 million.