Products Liability Defense

product liability defense
A significant portion of the firm’s practice has been in the area of product liability defense. This area of practice includes the defense of manufacturers, dealers, installers, retail and wholesale divisions relating to various consumer and commercial products, such as automobiles, off-road vehicles (from all-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles to large earth moving equipment), factory and industrial equipment (automated and manual, as well as manufacturing and support equipment), agricultural equipment (tractors, mowers and other attachments) and small consumer items such as coffee pots and tanning beds. We defend the design, manufacturing, warning, instruction and/or materials defect allegations relating to such products. Necessarily included are accident reconstruction/causation, biomechanics (impact on human users/operators of the product), alternative designs, product comparisons, safety devices, product history, product utilization and benefit and interacting with nationally recognized and qualified experts in each of the areas.

Attorneys Practicing in the area:

Representative Clients:

Caterpillar Inc.
General Motors Corporation
Trane, Inc.